Escape the room 2 for iPhone and iPad Review

On December 31, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Escape the room 2 for iPhone and iPad Review

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By: SK Telecom

Version #: 1.0.0

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Developer: By Nate Games

Price: $4.99

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You are cold, in pain, and dizzy as you wake up to find yourself in a bathroom. This may sound like the opening of a certain horror film named after a carpentry implement. Instead, it is just the opening of Nate Game’s newest puzzle game Escape the Room 2. This first person puzzle game matches you against the clock to escape and learn why you were trapped in the first place. The stakes are high as failure will lead to detonation of a bomb that was implanted in your heart. Do you have the strength to face the challenges?

Escape the Room 2 is a point and click puzzle “escape” game. There are have been dozens of these games on flash game sites, and there are even a handful of them on the iOS platform as well. The basics of the gameplay is to interact with the room to find items that will eventually lead you out, Along the way you have to figure out what item is needed, and in some cases, you must combine items to solve puzzles. I haven’t played the first installment of the Escape the Room series, but I did notice that the art style has changed from a cartoon to a more anime style of drawing. EtR2 takes on an adventure feel, as characters you meet carry on conversation that move the plot and also give you clues to the puzzles.

The essence of these games is the interface. In the case of EtR2, the interface consists of buttons along the bottom for examining, and interacting with objects in the rooms. You can also access your inventory from there. The entire interface for EtR2 seems like it was ported from a mouse based system. There is a cursor on the screen and the buttons seem a bit too small for the touch screen. In face the entire game seems to play like a port that wasn’t changed much from its desktop roots. The dialog can also be a bit hard to follow at times since it appears the dialog has been translated from Japanese. If you like anime adventure games with a strong puzzle quality, then Escape the Room 2 will definitely appeal to you and the few downsides wont matter too much. For those that get stuck often there are lots of hints and power-ups that will make the game easier. They can be bought as in-app purchases. The game itself costs $4.99, which isn’t bad for the amount of content.

We rate this app 3 out of 5 stars.

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