ESPN Cameraman – Review

On October 29, 2008

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ESPN Cameraman – Review

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By: ESPN Cameraman

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-10-15


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I picked up this game without actually reading the description, because I saw the ESPN logo in the app store and blindly assumed it was a full ESPN app.  While I was disappointed that this is just a game, I was pleasantly surprised that this is an easily picked up, highly addictive game that is a perfect time waster for anyone, not just sports fans.

It’s simple to play and you can figure it out without reading any instructions.  Basically you are given the same photo side by side, there are five difference between the photos, find and touch each difference before time runs out, you get three cheats for each game…that’s it.

The interface is very easy to use, the graphics are crisp and the audio is perfect.

The best aspect of this game is how it pulls at the competitive strings of those playing.  The soundtrack is the fast paced ESPN theme song, that alone is enough to get into the competitive spirit.  After finishing each level (of which there are currently 73) you either get wild crowd cheering for finding all five mistakes or booed heavily if you fail to do so. 

You can also see where you rank against the world.

The game also provides a small number of unintentionally funny/awkward moments when it comes to what or where the differences lay.  Some examples are a boxer who is missing a nipple and a couple different pictures of NFL cheerleaders that are provocative to say the least.

As smooth as the game is there are some drawbacks.  Mainly the more times you play the easier it becomes as you start to see the same photos repeat numerous times.  There is word that a deluxe version is coming out which will have photos continuously updated.

Quick Take

Value:  Great, though that could change with the deluxe version.
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: Very Low
Who is it for: Everyone, though geared toward sports fans
What I like:  Great sound and graphics, highly addictive, easy play
What I Don’t:  Photo repetition, though that will become much less of a problem when the deluxe version is released.

Final Statement:  This is a great game for everyone and highly recommended for anyone looking for a great time waster.

Read the Developer's Notes:
ESPN and EpicTilt present Cameraman! Sports fans around the world now have one of the most addictive games on the planet, and it's perfect for your iPhone or iPod Touch! Just like the sports bar game but in the palm of your hand! Poke pictures where the differences appear to be. Errors cost you time!

Photos feature scenes from the Olympics, National Football League ( NFL ), Major League Baseball ( MLB ), National Basketball Association ( NBA ), College Football ( NCAA ), Skateboarding, Soccer, and many more epic tilt's from around the sports world! Find five differences before the timer runs out. You have three lives!Touch the camera for a hint, but you only get three freebies! Compete against the entire world via the global highscores! Sync your username to keep track online! Get booed if you don't complete a level! Get cheered if you get all 5 for that picture! Features ESPN themed music! Alternatively, you can press the mute button to listen to music from your iTunes library while you're playing! Good luck and see if you can break the top 25!

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