Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes Review – A gem of an endless runner

On October 29, 2014

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Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes Review – A gem of an endless runner

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By: Incendium Records LTD

Version #: 1.30

Date Released: 2014-05-04

Developer: Incendium Records LTD

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Awesome soundtrack? Check. Zombies and undead? Check. Special weapons, powerups, fast paced gameplay? Check, check, check. Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes is a gem of an endless runner (actually, an endless brawler).

The game Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes (from now on, Eternal Descent) is a game tie-in for the comic series Eternal Descent, which in turn deals about the virtual music band Eternal Descent. Okay, I know, it may sound a little complicated, but here we’ll basically deal with the iOS game (which has been ported to Android, so if Android is your thing, check it out.)

In Eternal Descent you run along a dying city while hordes of undead try to stop you from reaching the level bosses (which include the odds of disco killer Wayne Static, a guy who has kicked my ass every time I’ve gotten there.) with a final goal of reaching Hell. Along the way you’ll get special powerups, as accompanying heroes from the comic series (like Joe Satriani or Misha Mansoor.) These heroes will run along you, firing with their super powers.

Gameplay in Eternal Descent is quite straightforward: running is taken care for automatically, and you only need to decide between uppercut smash (with your electric guitar) and guitar swing. If you hold longer, you’ll strike stronger. And struck enemies can hit others, increasing your combo meter (if you have played it, it is similar to the mechanics in God of Blades). When it reaches the maximum, you can activate your arcane shield, which lets you fire special shots instead of the normal swing or uppercut. Aside from this, hitting token powerups with an enemy activates it, getting you one of the accompanying heroes to tag along for a while.

In short: Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes is one hell of a great eternal runner/eternal brawler, and it’s free. If you are not getting it now you’ll regret it for the rest of the year.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Absolutely

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Endless runner lovers

What I Like:Very polished, great soundtrack, thrilling gameplay

What I Don't Like:Difficulty is very steep

Final Statement:A great game, you definitely need to pick it up!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Eternal Descent's Heavy Metal Heroes brings the cult fantasy comic to life on all your iOS devices, so get ready to carve a path through the endless hordes and fight your way to the gates of Hell!

Power up along the way with tag-team assists from guitar legend - Joe Satriani, the electric lightbulb - Misha Mansoor, and party hard with Andrew W.K.. Face off against metal master - Michael Amott, disco killer - Wayne Static, and Pit Lord Loki's army of darkness - in running brawls and rapid fire boss battles.

Melt faces with massive combos and become a Heavy Metal Hero!

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