Fan Fiction Review – Must have for fiction fans

On January 7, 2013

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Fan Fiction Review – Must have for fiction fans

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By: Pentaloop

Version #: 2.5

Date Released: 2012-08-02

Developer: Pentaloop

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Have you ever wanted to find out what would happen if Gaston from Beauty and the Beast met up with Naruto? Neither have I, but Crimson-Moon-Beams did and so they wrote a bit of fan fiction that depicted it. Enter the world of; quite possibly the largest repository of fan written works on the internet. If you find yourself browsing or even writing about your favorite movie, TV show, or video game characters then you will likely have wanted to enjoy this content on the go. You could always copy and paste into a note, but wouldn’t it be great if you have an app for browsing Lets take a look at the official mobile app and see if calling this app good is fact, or fiction.

I was a bit apprehensive when I first started reviewing this app as the opening screen asks you to connect with Facebook, or else you get to wait twenty seconds to start the app. I’m not sure why that is, but either way the app then drops you into the sidebar menu where you have access to the various sections of the app. I like this interface element on recent apps as it removes itself from the screen when not used, and is available anytime with a swipe. You can browse the library of fiction, or hook into a community which gives you collections of works based on a subject. There are lots of options for narrowing searches whether by category or by author. There is even an option to sync your account settings with to make interaction with the site seamless from mobile to desktop.

FanFiction has Facebook posting built in and can be accessed from any story. The formatting of the stories reminds me of movies scripts with its monospaced font and the gear buttons on the bottom allows you to adjust the font size, alignment on screen, switch between day and night mode, and interestingly it includes a rotation lock right inside the app. I wish this was added to more reading app, as it is quite convenient.

Not all is roses with the FanFiction app. There are little bugs with the interface like seeing elements behind others when they should be hidden. Then there is the switch between the iOS built in interface elements and the developers custom made ones. I think it is important to go one way or the other and not to mix and match them. There is also the confusing menu item, “Restore Purchases” but there is not options to actually purchase anything. On iTunes it says there is an IAP for a account, but that is available free on the site, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to open an account in the app.

These problems aside, if you are a fan and fan fiction, then this is a must have app. There is quite a bit to like with this app and it is very responsive for a mobile interface for a website. Now if you will excuse me, I have to settle into this My Little Pony meets the A-Team story.

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Would I Buy Again:Sure

Learning Curve:Easy

Who Is It For:Anyone who wants to visit from their mobile device

What I Like:Responsive for a mobile interface for the website

What I Don't Like:Inconsistent interface elements

Final Statement:Dive into a world of fiction that is stranger than...fiction!

Read the Developer's Notes:
? FanFiction Makes Archiving Fan-Favorite Stories a Breeze (
? Over 300,000 download! and counting. (This many people can't be wrong!)
? "Best app for FanFiction readers" - AppsFire.
? Featured at 15 places on App-Store, in books & literature category.

FanFiction, is home of stories written by fans. FanFiction brings all the scattered archives at your finger tips. Currently we have 150,000+ stories and still more coming. This is a must have for fanfiction readers.

• Make the stories available offline.
• Simple, sleek and elegant design for enhanced reading experience.
• Keep track of your readings. See a list of stories you have been reading.
• Mark stories as your favorite.
• Search from thousands of stories and communities.

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