Finger Tied Jr. Review – It’s like Twister, for your fingers!

On July 24, 2013

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Finger Tied Jr. Review – It’s like Twister, for your fingers!

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By: Streaming Colour Studios

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2013-05-23

Developer: Streaming Colour Studios

Price: 0.99

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I was wondering why I hadn’t discovered this app earlier. Like Twister, Finger Tied Jr. will have you moving your limbs (on in this case, fingers) around the screen, sliding and dragging them all over in a super awkward fashion.

In this game, players are presented with tiles arranged in seemingly innocent patterns. Various shapes are also scattered throughout and these represent individual start and end points. The objective of the game is to lay a finger on each assigned shape and drag it across the shaded tiles (highlighting them in the process) and make it from one point to the other.

Now what makes the game exceptionally tricky would be that each shape has to be ‘activated’ first before the game can commence. That means in later levels, pretty much all your fingers will be occupied and placed in extremely awkward positions. How to proceed with the game will then depend on your own dexterity and skill.

You can imagine how difficult it is to maneuver around the screen with so many fingers in the way, each needing to cross their own paths. Whats more, straying from the boundaries of the shaded paths will result in failure of the stage. This, by no means is an easy game to play.

I found myself raging and pulling hairs out for failing at seemingly easy levels. Many a time a stage seemed so simple that I let my confidence and cockiness get the better of me, only to have my finger slip off right at the end.

For $0.99, this game will provide many an hour of interesting and good fun. Definitely worth the purchase in my opinion.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:The objective is simple to understand but definitely not easy to execute

Who Is It For:Everyone

What I Like:The challenge of the game

What I Don't Like:Tile patterns can potentially cause an epileptic seizure

Final Statement:Be prepared to pull some hair out

Read the Developer's Notes:
Fingers feeling nimble? Fingers feeling flexible? Twist, stretch, turn, and tie your fingers in knots to solve these fun puzzles! Are your fingers up for it?

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--- About Finger Tied Jr. ---

Based on the popular iPad puzzler, Finger Tied Jr. is a multi-touch puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch. In each Finger Tied Jr. puzzle, fill in a shape by moving up to four fingers around on your iPhone/iPod touch at the same time. But be careful, lift a finger, or go out of bounds, and it's game over. Finger Tied Jr. will test your mental, as well as your finger abilities!

Finger Tied Jr. can be played entirely by yourself, but for even more fun, invite some friends over and Finger Tied Jr. makes a great party game!

Finger Tied Jr. features the same great game that you loved in Finger Tied for iPad, but redesigned for iPhone and iPod touch.

? Finger Tied Jr. has 85+ puzzles to test even the most flexible of fingers, built just for this version of the game.

? Fly solo, or ask a friend to lend you a hand with the more tricky puzzles.

? Create your own puzzles with a built-in puzzle editor. Share your levels online. Download levels created and shared by other players.

? Keep your wits about you. You'll need to turn and twist your fingers, your body, and maybe even your iPhone/iPod touch to solve some of these puzzles.

? Game Center leaderboards let you compare your best scores with your friends'.

? iPhone 5 support.

If you like Finger Tied Jr., check out Finger Tied for iPad in the iPad App Store.

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