Fit 1.03 – Review

On September 8, 2008

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Fit 1.03 – Review

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By: Brain Murmurs, Inc

Version #: 1.02

Date Released: 2008-08-22


Price: 14.99

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I LOVE to eat (I’m SURE none of you can relate ;-), and am always cooking and tasting at least one new food per day.  And although I really do enjoy (and partake in more than my share of) calcium-rich, leafy greens (swiss chard is a favorite) and Omega 3-rich fish (have you tried Sable, aka Butterfish yet? Heavenly!) and fiber-filled, toasty whole grains (quinoa- a complete protein), I still need to be mindful of quantities. 

True; I’m not indulging in Godiva, however, a calorie is still a calorie.  Yes, I do workout on a consistent basis, but it’s easy for me to sail through the day without paying much attention to:

How much have I actually eaten? and

How many calories have I really burned? 

Even if you’ve mastered portion control, you may still be lacking Rain Man’s calculation skills.  And, btw- where’s that darn piece of paper on which you’ve been jotting down everything passing your lips (not to mention the pen floating around somewhere on the bottom of your bag)? 

Well, a new version of an "oldy" (as if we can really say this about any app, because they’ve only been available since July 11th) will do all the adding/subtracting and note-taking for you.

Fit 1.03 is yet another food and exercise "journal-type" app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It allows you to track your caloric intake (using its database of over 7,000 different foods) and account for any physical activity in which you engage (with almost 300 exercises in its memory). 

Your favorite food and exercise is not a pre-programmed choice?  No worries.  You can customize both categories with ease and Fit 1.03 will remember it for next time. 

Overall, the user interface (on every screen) is straightforward and efficient.  With either a finger touch, quick flick or simple up/down scroll, you can enter new information or select an existing option. 

One of my favorite features is the "Day at a Glance" screen.  It serves as a good quick reference, clearly displaying a tally of calories taken in versus calories expended.  I like that "Yesterday’s balance" is included on this screen, as well (in case you went over, you can moderate today’s consumption to make up for the "overage" 🙂 

Another helpful feature is the the "History" screen.  It gives you a visual "accounting" of the impact that your diet and exercise has on your weight changes (really useful after you’ve been entering your data for at least a week) in a graph format. 

Unique to this app (on the "Meals" screen) is the ability to enter what you’ve eaten in one of SIX time blocks.  This is particularly useful, as so many of us have left the "three-meals-per-day" paradigm behind, opting for more regular (hopefully, smaller) meals/snacks throughout the day (better for regulating blood sugar levels and boosting metabolism).

One downside . . . as Peter and I mentioned in our review of Absolut Fitness, an app should provide you with the total number of calories you need to be consuming on any given day, given your weight, height and health goals.  This is a crucial part of any weight program based on caloric intake.  Unfortunately, Fit 1.03 doesn’t have the capability to do this either- too bad!

For those of you playing at home, new and improved features (since the original version include): stability improvements, performance enhancements, metric system support (for those of you outside of the US), custom food, food group, exercise and exercise group creation, added ability to hide and ignore standard database entries and delete existing database items and groups. If you currently have the original version of the app, this version is available to you as a free update.

Applause go to Black Pixel Luminance (Fit’s developer) for listening to user feedback and continually improving their app.  As a matter of fact, you too can test some of their upcoming features by becoming a beta tester (  Version 1.04 is on the horizon!

Value: LOW at $14.99; $4.99 is more my speed
Would we buy it again: No- not at its current price
Learning Curve: Low- Pretty easy to use, straighforward
Who is it for: Any ADULT wishing to track calories consumed and exercise completed
What we like:  That you can record what you eat in up to 6 "meals", continuous upgrading
What we don’t like: It doesn’t help you figure out how many calories you should be eating

Bottom Line:  Decent

Read the Developer's Notes:
Nutrition and exercise journal for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Note - although the version number is listed as Fit 1.02, this is in fact an update to the previous 1.02 release. New in this build:
* Fixed custom food and exercise entry* Added ability to hide and ignore standard database entries.* Added the ability to delete existing database items and groups.This update is available to all existing Fit customers as a free update. You will still be prompted for your password, but this is part of the authentication process.Fit lets you quickly track your net caloric intake using a database of over 7,000 different foods and almost 300 exercises. Track your meals and exercise quickly and easily with our elegant and efficient user interface. Fit remembers the food and workouts you do the most, plus you can use active search to find unexpected items. Fit's day-at-a-glance page lets you know if you're ahead or behind your goal, and the history page provides lets you track the impact of your diet and exercise on your weight changes. Version 1.03 has just been released but we've already started working on 1.04. If you are interested in helping us beta test our upcoming features you can find out how here.O U R   T A K E . . .

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