Forgotten Places – Lost Circus HD for iPad Review

On June 15, 2011

App Type: iPad

Forgotten Places – Lost Circus HD for iPad Review

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By: Andriy Pertsov

Version #: 1.0

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Developer: By Sungift Games

Price: $4.99

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I love these kinds of games, as they are a puzzle and a series of mini-games all rolled into one and they are very group/family friendly, which makes it great for a dull afternoon in the summer holidays!

We’ve played quite a few of these, but Forgotten places – lost circus HD exceptionally pretty for starters! Poor Joy has been tormented by nightmares featuring a circus and you are helping her get to the bottom of her troubles. Together you go on a journey to a dilapidated old unused circus, which looks sad and a bit scary. Joy still has memories from when the circus was a bustling, vibrant place. And there a clues everywhere…..

I don’t always enjoy wandering around a place waiting for a clue to pop up, like it is with most of these type of games, so I was pleasantly surprised to be taken firmly by the hand in Forgotten places – lost circus HD. You go along a route, find stuff, solve clues and then you move on. None of that “you should have picked up the sword 23 fields ago and now you have to get back to it or you can’t get into the next level”. Also very good for kids, who tend to get bored if nothing happens for a while.
There are two different difficulty levels, which is great if your playing with kids. Paint the clown’s wig, put the mirror back together, if you like to hunt for hidden objects and solving puzzles, then this is a great game for you! And for a limited time, it’s on at only $2.99. Much better value for money than a real circus!

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars

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