Gift Plan for iPhone Review

On December 14, 2010

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Gift Plan for iPhone Review

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With the busy holidays quickly coming many you scramble to find that perfect gift for loved ones. Of course, you could have avoided this by purchasing your gifts early, but that can be so difficulty since people usually don’t come right and tell you want they want around the holidays. Well you might not be able to do anything about this year, but Glasshouse Apps has the solution for all your gift buying problems.

Gift Plan is aims to be the last stop on the road to total gift planning. This gift giving organizer allows you to list and track all your gift ideas. It all starts with putting in the people you buy gifts for. You can choose photos for each one and can set what holidays you buy gifts on. The default holidays are Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries, but you can customize the list to list whatever holidays you want. You can also put in related information about each person that can be helpful when shopping for them such as likes, dislikes, and clothing sizes. When someone gives you a gift idea, or you think of one on your own, you can put it in for that person for reference later. If you end up getting one of the gifts, you can also check off that gift and Gift Plan will track that you have bought that gift already so you don’t make the grievous mistake of repeat gifts.

You might think that an app that tracks gift ideas is a little bit redundant with all the note and calendar apps available for the iPhone. The best part of Gift Plan, and why it deserves a place beside all your other productivity apps, is how it beautifully designed for this particular type of information tracking. As events get closer you can have up to two different notifications to remind you that they are arriving. Once you have populated the app with all your giftees and gift ideas, it becomes so easy to whip this app out whenever you need a quick gift idea for an individual. I do wish that there was a way to share or sent gift ideas to others so you can help a friend out who may not be quite and organized as yourself. If you find yourself stressed out during the holidays trying to think of gifts for people, then you will find this app to be a life saver. Gift Plan is available for $1.99 in the app store now.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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