Gneo Review – The most compelling todo app yet

On February 14, 2014

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Gneo Review – The most compelling todo app yet

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By: KeaneAndAble

Version #: 1.0.4

Date Released: 2013-11-25

Developer: Gneo Support

Price: $9.99

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It makes us wonder how busy and forgetful people actually are, to see the huge number of Todo apps rushing into the productivity section of the AppStore. Many giants like Task, Remember the Milk, Evernote, gTasks, ToDo and Wunderlist are already competing for the throne and here is another one attracting all the stares.

Gneo is the new app in town which emphasizes alot on looks and interface more than anything. I must say, I haven’t been this impressed by a Todo app since CARROT. Please note that this is an universal app and I’m doing this review on an iPad. The interface on iPhone is a bit different, but the basic framework is the same.

Gneo app Review

The first thing you’ll notice on firing up this 15MB app is the stunning interface. It is clean, white, tidy and compact. A large number of Tasks are already present, in the form of tutorials for the app. The tasks are arranged as Notebooks in Gneo and you can tap on the Bookmark icon to start a new one. At anytime, use the List icon on bottom to view your current notebook in grid, list or calendar formats or to access the Settings, Map and Goals.

Tap the Plus icon to add a new task. You can mark it Urgent or Important, choose a Notebook, add Tags, Notes and even Voice or Picture files to them. Create a Reminder, choose a Follow-up date, add the relevant Location and save the task. Quite simple and straight forward!

Gneo app Review

The use of gestures come in once you’ve some tasks to be completed. Slight swipe right to follow-up in one day, do the same on left to show the details. Full swipe right or left to delete or edit the task, respectively. Tap to mark complete and drag to rearrange.

But making it feature-filled and plain has rendered the interface a little confusing and at times, you’ll find it difficult to find a task or to quickly add a task. Occasionally there is alot of blank space on the iPad screen, which comes out more ugly than classy. A divided interface as in the or seems more sensible for this kind of an app on the iPad.

Overall, Gneo impresses alot with its features and looks. The addition of tags, sorting into notebooks, ability to embed files and the grid arrangements are unique and eyebrow-raising. It is a pleasure to use it and you feel like completing tasks just to see a glance of the beautiful app. More tasks done equals more productive. Yoohoo!

Yet, I think that the price of 10 bucks is a bit is really stretching it and would recommend a maximum price of 4-5USD only. I suggest that you guys wait for the imminet price drop or to get CARROT instead.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Not at this price

Learning Curve:None

Who Is It For:For the forgetful

What I Like:The interface

What I Don't Like:A little confusing

Final Statement:Just do it

Read the Developer's Notes:
True productivity involves doing the right things at the right time. Gneo helps you take action with your to-dos by prioritising all the things you need to get done.

Gneo is proud to be an Editors' Choice app.

Take a look at Gneo in our videos here:

When you effectively manage tasks, you'll meet your goals. When you meet your goals consistently, you'll begin tapping into your greatest potential.

As you create tasks inside the app, Gneo helps you organize them, according to their relative importance and urgency. Work Canvas gives you a clear picture of your most pressing tasks, and the Forecast view shows you when you'll have time between appointments to do them. Follow-ups and reminders ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Gneo has all the right features to help you make every minute count:

- The Forecast view uniquely brings together your calendar and your to-dos so you can plan your to-dos in between your calendar appointments.
- Gneo's Work Canvas gives a clear picture of each day's most pressing tasks based on their urgency and importance.
- Follow-ups and reminders lets you focus on what’s urgent and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.
- Group tasks into notebooks for work, play, home, and hobbies.
- Smart Notebooks enable you to slice and dice to-dos across your different notebooks and set filters to bring together to-dos with specific reminders, dates, and tags.
- Evernote integration enables Gneo to sync with your Evernote notes, files, tags, and reminders.
- Intuitive Language Recognition lets Gneo simplify task creation by adding reminders for you.

We believe that people should have the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential. That's why we created Gneo.

A free Cloud Gneo account is required to use Gneo.

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