Gravity Duck Review – When life gets you down, this duck flips gravity

On May 17, 2013

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Gravity Duck Review – When life gets you down, this duck flips gravity

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By: Ravenous Games Inc.

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2013-02-28

Developer: Ravenous Games Inc.

Price: 0.99

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So, let’s say you are a duck, and you worship a large tiki statue that has an affinity for omelets made from golden eggs. Still with me? What if I told you that this tiki statue sent you out to collect eggs and to help you on your quest gave you the power to refer gravity?

If you haven’t fingered it out by now, this convoluted premise is just another of Ravenous Game’s platforming releases that they seem to be churning out on a regular basis now. In this game you will have to think about every surface as if it the ground. The controls are super easy. Move and switch gravity; no jumping, no shooting, just gravity. Ravenous makes good use of this mechanic with stations that let you switch from up and down two left and right. This is also utilized like a pipe system to move you around larger levels.

The game does a good job at easing you into the game mechanic and slowly ramps up the difficulty. This is actually one of the game’s greatest weakness. For a game that came from the makers of League of Evil, this game is surprisingly pedestrian. By the time the game has gotten you acquainted with all the elements of a world you are at the end. There are also a handful of really challenging levels and even those where a breeze with just a small amount of practice. I am not a newbie to games, but I am certainly not some sort of savant, and I was able to knock this game out completely in about 1 hour.

While the length of the game leave something to be desired, this really was a fun game to play. The controls worked just as well as previous Ravenous Games, and the mechanic of gravity reversal was used in creative ways. I can’t really complain about a $.99 game which delivers solid gameplay. I just hope Ravenous gives us just a smidge more of a challenge with a level update in the future.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:easy

Who Is It For:fans of light arcade platformers

What I Like:Fun game mechanic

What I Don't Like:Very short game, not very difficult

Final Statement:Who would have thought that ducks can defy gravity?

Read the Developer's Notes:
Get ready for a fun puzzle platformer created by the award-winning studio Ravenous Games!

As the Gravity Duck you will flip gravity to help you reach the goal while avoiding obstacles in this silly puzzle platforming game!

- 100 Levels in 3 environments
- Flip gravity and walk on walls / ceilings
- Tricky puzzles
- GameCenter Achievements
- iCloud Game Saves
- Universal

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