Green News Reader – Review

On March 24, 2009

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Green News Reader – Review

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Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-03-18

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When it coms to RSS feeds I am a huge fan. I love being able to select the feeds I want and then have the latest information at my hands immediately The problem is, as I make more and more use of RSS feeds their numbers grow and grow. I end up with so many feeds being followed that there are often just too many.

As a result I have begun to take a slight different, and cumbersome, approach. I now have my iPhone feeds going directly to iNews. iNews does not sync with Google Reader so it means I can pull those feeds OFF Google Reader. When I want to see the latest iPhone news I grab iNews. For everything else I go to GoogleReader. It greatly simplifis things for me.

But that’s not all. Since the NYTimes app was updated and is now fast and far more useful, I pulled my NYTimes feeds off Google Reader too. The Times app is more than enough and now those feeds are gone from Google Reader too.

It all may sound cumbersome but it is actually LESS so than waking up to 1500 new posts thrown together in one place. This way I have the same number f posts but more control and less sifting. It won’t work for everyone but this method DOES work for me.

There is, however, another approach and Green News is a good example of it.

Green News is a TOPIC-specific RSS reader. It offers access to specific feeds on one specific topic- in this case environmentalism. If you like all your feeds in one place this isn’t an app for you. If, however, you have too many feeds this is a great way to pull out feeds on one topic and it decrease the number of posts in the regular RSS reader.

Or to be more accurate- it would be a great way if…

If it offered offline access. It doesn’t

If it gave more than the summary. It doesn’t.

If it made accessing the full article simple. It doesn’t.

I like the idea of an app that offers topic-specific information. It helps return the "Simple" to RSS. But this is a poor execution of it.



Quick Take

Value: Low
Would I Buy Again: No, not even for free (which it is)
Learning Curve: Low
Who Is It For: People who want topic-specific feeds AND don’t want a good app (this IS topic specific AND stinks)
What I Like: Good idea
What I Don’t:  Poor execution


Read the Developer's Notes:
All the green news that's fit to print, or at least fit to appear on your iPhone.Green News Reader grabs the top stories from the best green news and lifestyle sites and delivers them to your iPhone. Keep up with green issues and interests in one place -- Green News Reader.
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