Harry Potter: Spells – Review

On November 17, 2009

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Harry Potter: Spells – Review

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By: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-11-15


Price: 2.99

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UPDATE: A new version of the Harry Potter: Spells app is available for free and can be downloaded here.  However, as a warning, in this version downloading spells (including some new ones) costs extra.

There are scads of wand-based magic spell fighting apps in the App Store, but this one is a little different for a few reasons: first, there’s a major brand name behind it (in fact, it’s the one that made wands and spells popular again in the 21st century) and second, it doesn’t look like it was coded by someone in their office during their free time.  Also, there is the $4.99 price which is a little high for wand-fighting apps, but you must pay for quality.

And quality it is!  The graphics and superb and I even like the sound effects and use of the Harry Potter theme in the menu (although that can be turned off in the Options menu).  When first run, the Sorting Hat even appears to choose your house for you.  Sadly, there seems to be no way to change your house once you confirm your initial selection.

It works very simply.  Holding the iPhone or iPod Touch in the palm of your hand, you keep your thumb on the touchscreen and move it around in certain shapes to throw spells.  Using WiFi or Bluetooth, it’s possible to have a spell-fight with others having the same app.

The most frustrating issue I have with the program is that no matter how much I slide my thumb, I can’t seem to throw a spell.  Sometimes I get lucky and throw a Petrificus Totalus, but I can never figure out how.

The graphics are top-notch and it’s a must-have if your kid is a Harry Potter fan.  I just hope he or she can figure out how to use it more easily than I could.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Probably. If not for myself then for my kids.

Learning Curve:Medium.

Who Is It For:People who like to duel that are Harry Potter fans.

What I Like:Top-notch graphics and sound.

What I Don't Like:Difficult to cast spells due to unresponsive screen. Can't change user or house after initial selection.

Final Statement:An excellent investment for any Harry Potter fan.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Get Ready To Duel!You are officially invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Once enrolled, receive the wand destined for you before being Sorted into one of the four houses by the Sorting Hat. Then using specific hand gestures for each of the 14 spells, practice, practice, practice before experiencing the ultimate contest - DUELLING!Compete against the computer or challenge a fellow classmate to a real-time duel– player versus player, casting spells from one device to the other. Earn valuable house points for your house while learning, practicing and dueling. Visit the house points section to see your wins and losses in duelling. You can also see where you rank globally - in your house or in all of Hogwarts. Finally, share it with the rest of the world by posting it to your Facebook page via Facebook Connect.· 14 Powerful Spells – Stun your opponent with STUPEFY or disarm them with EXPELLIARMUS, and many, many more· Intense Duelling Action:--Single Player - Cast spells against three different difficulty levels--Multiplayer– Challenge a friend to a duel and cast spells from one device to the other in real-time encounters· Authentic Experience – From visiting Ollivanders to being sorted by the Sorting Hat· Practice Makes Perfect - Tutorial system educates and trains, grading you on your spell casting performance, thus unlocking spells as you go· Monitor Your Ranking – Keep an eye on your wins, losses and House Cup rankings to be the strongest wizard in Hogwarts· Share With Your Friends – Post your Harry Potter: Spells stats on your Facebook page using Facebook Connect
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