HurryMail – Review

On August 1, 2008

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HurryMail – Review

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By: Adam Williams

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-07-31


Price: 0.99

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“HurryMail” is a one trick pony, but it is a trick I need. It allows me to select a number of email addresses for quick access (the main screen can accommodate up to eight addresses at a time.) Tap the name and a new email is opened, addressed to the individual you choose. Tap the right side of the screen and the app opens the individual’s contact information.

The app is clearly no fit of programming genius; it is as simple as simple can be. Even so, I happily spent the $.99 on it. Why?  Because I send a tremendous number of emails every day.  While my address book has over 1,700 contacts (and needs to have that many) the bulk go to a small group- a “subset” of eight individuals.

“HurryMail” provides me with an easy way to email each of these individuals, by effectively giving me an editable subset, only one finger-tap away (the lack of an ability to do this was one of my two main issues with the “EasyMail” app I reviewed earlier in the week.)

Rather than a multi-step process- pressing the "mail” button, pressing “new email" and typing the name of the recipient, until it is shown as a selection-  I can now choose “HurrayMail” from my home screen, select a name from the pre-determined “list of eight” and, in seconds, a blank e-mail screen appears with the individual’s email address already in place. Yes, it is a small convenience, but it has the potential to be a huge timesaver for me.

Quick Take

Value: Useful for $.99
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: Zero
Who is it for: Anyone whose address book is overflowing and wants quick access to key contacts
What I like: Streamlines often emailed contacts
What I Don’t: Lag-time between hitting an email address and opening a blank email screen
Final Statement: For $.99 it is worth every penny to me.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Sending email to your most frequently used addresses is just a tap away with HurryMail, a quick-access email favorites list. HurryMail works similarly to the iPhone's Favorites phone number list. Set up your HurryMail list by adding email addresses from your iPhone or iPod Touch's address book, which HurryMail keeps in sync with any changes you make. Then all it takes to open a new, blank email is a tap on the person's name in the HurryMail list. No more searching through your contact list or manually typing in addresses for people that you email most frequently. O U R   T A K E ...

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