iBowl – Review

On October 4, 2008

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iBowl – Review

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By: iBowl

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-24


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I enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) 300 Bowl, but am more than a bit blown away by iBowl. iBowl takes a different approach to iPhone bowling than 300 Bowl does but making remarkable use of the iPhone’s /iPod Touch’s accelerometer. In fact, as many have noted elsewhere, it is far more akin to the Nintendo Wii than anything else.

Playing is simple. Line up the stating point of the bowling ball, press the “Bowl” button, swing your arm as if you were actually bowling and release the button to send the bowling ball spinning down the lane. The faster you swing, the fast the ball rolls. It is pretty amazing.

The sounds are terrific. (Heck, you even get applause at the end of a game!) The graphics, while more than adequate, are a bit pixelated and rough. It isn’t a problem, but it does make the game feel slightly unfinished.
The biggest problem with iBowl?  If you thought holding on to a Wii controller without it flying out of your hands was tough, that’s a stroll in the park compared to this.  I suspect that many an iPhone/Touch will go sailing across the room while people play iBowl. At least these aren’t delicate or expensive devices… oh wait…

Quick Take

Value:  It is free AND awesome!
Would I Buy Again:  Sure
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for:  Anyone who like iPhones and bowling
What I like:  Is the iPhone version of the Wii, fun, different
What I Don’t:  Graphics a bit on the rough side, hard to hold on to device while playing.

Final Statement:  This is a great game that shows an entirely different approach to iPhone gaming. Think iWii.


Read the Developer's Notes:
From the makers of iGolf comes iBowl, the newest way to go bowling with your iPhone. Simply swing your iPhone like a bowling ball and see how many strikes you can get!O U R   T A K E  .  .  .

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