iFortress – Protect Private Documents and Confidential Files for iphone, ipad Review

On January 7, 2012

App Type: iPhone

iFortress – Protect Private Documents and Confidential Files for iphone, ipad Review

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By: CommandHub Inc.

Version #: 1.0.2

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Developer: By CommandHub Inc.

Price: $9.99

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We all have secrets. Whether it is the next big internet trend you are developing, or just a crush on that girl in the office, you need a place to store documents that is secure from prying eyes. This become even more necessary when these sensitive documents are on a mobile device that could easily be lost or stolen. iFortress isn’t a game of tower defense, it is an encrypted storage app for text and pictures that you may not want becoming public.

iFortress stores all its content in a encrypted file using AES 256-bit encrpytion to make it impossible for the average snoop to be able to access. Apart from store government secrets, iFortress should be able to keep anything you place in it secure. The data is accessible with a password and there is a setting for how many wrong password attempts to allow before the content is wiped. This means you need to use a password you will remember because there is no way to access those files once you have forgotten the password. You may disable to auto-wipe if you are prone to forgetting and need more attempts, but set that setting before to exit the app the first time because the default is five attempts.

The file management is simple to use, and works like many other files management apps. You can create folders and move files between them with buttons along the bottom. You can store text and pictures in iFortress, and the later can only be taken from within the app. I suppose that any photo you wanted stored so securely wouldn’t be on that you wanted written to an unencrypted part of memory, even for a few minutes. The downside is if you do take photos, and then decide you want them encrypted, you don’t really have an option with iFortress.

While bringing content into the app is a bit limited, you do have the option to email content from the app. Remember that this uses Apple’s built in mail app which has no options for encryptions so this would cause you content to become insecure. Perhaps iFortress should implement an encryption option to either attach an encrypted file, or to use PGP when emailing. Otherwise, iFortress is a simple text and image file storage with a decent amount of protection. The auto-wipe feature could be great for some, while being a boon for others, and the lack of features means iFortress could be so much more than it is. For a solid tool that does its job without fuss, iFortress is available in the app store for 9.99.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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