Infinity Blade for iPhone and iPad Review

On December 17, 2010

App Type: iPad, iPhone

Infinity Blade for iPhone and iPad Review

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By: Chair Entertainment Group

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Developer: By Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

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Since the iPhone has had games, companies have been blowing us away with what the iPhone can do with regards to graphics and gameplay. Epic games did just that back in september with a tech demo called Epic Citadel. This castle, rendered using the Unreal 3 engine, blew away anything that had been done previously. Well, it didn’t take long before Epic Games made good use of their “demo.”

Infinity Blade, much like a lot of good iPhone games, is a hard game to categorize. I heard many people refer to it as an RPG. While there are some RPG-like elements to it, it is certainly not an RPG. It has much in common with the story centric elements of Soul Caliber. You take the role of a warrior that has been sent to avenge the death of your father at the hands of the god-king. You much move through the castle and face a series of opponents in a third-person knock-out style battle where you must defend and look for openings to strike.

This brings us to the controls. The swiping and gesture controls are perfectly fitted for the iPhone’s touch screen. Even the best implemented virtual sticks feel like they are cramming a traditional consoles gaming philosophy into this new gaming medium. I’m glad to see that so much work was done to give Infinity Blade iPhone native controls.

Between fights you swipe to move to new areas and search for treasures hidden around the castle. When you have reached the boss you will invariably be too low level to defeat him and will summarily be killed. Don’t be sad though because Infinity Blade is all about bloodlines and your progeny will avenge your death. To help them along they continue from your level when you died and with the same equipment. As you continue through the bloodlines, you advance to the point where you can defeat the god-king.

Infinity Blade is an amazing game that takes full advantage of the gaming power of the latest iOS devises. The grind can be a bit repetitive at times, but Epic is currently updating the game with even more areas and items and enemies to face. They have even talked about a multiplayer mode that is soon to come. I think that some of the critique for the game is due to expectations of what the game should be. This isn’t a hardcore RPG, or adventure game. It isn’t a super easy casual game either. One of the advantages of the iOS platform is the unique opportunity it provides to game developers to break through the molds of traditional gaming. Infinity Blade is a great game for gamers that want a game to play for a couple minutes at a time, but wants the quality of harder core game. I give Infinity Blade a resounding approval. Pick it up now for $5.99 in the app store and you will not be disappointed.

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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