InvinciBall – Review

On January 11, 2009

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InvinciBall – Review

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By: InvinciBall

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-01-03

Developer: Doug Wolanick

Price: 1.99

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I have to admit I was very excited when Invinciball crossed my eye, and with good reason, the game is fun! The game is relatively simple, and that’s how I like them. In Invinciball you control a small yellow ball and play against three other balls. The entire objective is to roll your ball around and either capture squares, or knock off the other balls. Capturing a square will grant points per second, or you always have the more fun option of knocking off opponents which will give you 25% of their current points. Graphics in Inviciball are pretty nice. 3-D effects are good, the balls actually look like balls as opposed to two-dimensional circles rendered on a flat background.

The game itself is split into three game modes: Classic, Survival, and Territory. Classic mode features a series of green squares on the field, every second you sit in a green square you receive a point, fifty points and you win! Survival mode is by far the funnest mode for me. Each ball starts with twenty lives and all you have to do is knock the other balls off and be the last one standing to win. Territory mode requires you to roll your ball over any of the green squares, which turns them your ball color, and based on how many squares you have controlled you will receive .1 point a second every second you have them controlled. And of course in both Classic and Territory mode, if you knock off your opponent you receive 25% of that opponents points.

Game modes in Inviciball are well conceived, but the controls are a bit complicated at first. I’m not much of a tutorial reader unless I am absolutely lost. So when I first opened up Invinciball and launched a game, I couldn’t move. I tried tilting the screen all different directions with no luck, my ball wouldn’t move. After quitting the current game and checking out the instructions I learned that to move your ball you had to drag your finger on the screen. The more you drag the faster your ball will roll, in turn the harder it will hit your opponents. Also, in order to stop, you had to hold two fingers on the screen which would “apply the brakes” as you are rolling. My only complaint with the “drag to move” feature in this game is the fact that the playing field and balls are decently small, so with my thumb on the screen I would lose sight of half the board a lot, making it hard to know where exactly I was, or other balls were.



Value: Medium-High

Would I Buy Again: Yes

Learning Curve: Easy

Who is it For: Anyone

My Likes: Good graphics and use of physics, very fun game

My Dislikes: No ability to use tilt to move your ball

Final Statement: Invinciball is a great game, and a lot of fun. It’s only downfall is no ability to tilt the screen to move your ball. With a few updates, maybe a few levels added in the future, Invinciball would easily be worth the $1.99 price tag attached to it.


Rating: 3 ½ stars

Read the Developer's Notes:
KING OF THE HILL WITH BALLSFEATURING- Beautifully detailed 3D graphics and sound- Awesome physics engine- 3 game modes- 3 difficulty settingsCLASSIC MODEGather points by rolling into a scoring zone or steal points from opponents by knocking them out of the arena!SURVIVAL MODEYou lose a life each time you fall out of the arena, but so do your opponents. Last ball rolling wins.TERRITORY MODECapture as many scoring zones as you can. Holding onto them will earn you points.CONTROLSMove your ball by flicking anywhere on the screen to add force to your ball. Tilting or shaking is not required.Check out the gameplay trailer at
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