Quake Warn: A Better Way To Prepare For Unexpected Seismic Activity

On November 26, 2009

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Quake Warn: A Better Way To Prepare For Unexpected Seismic Activity

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By: Venkatramanan Krishnamani

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Do you think that one full minute’s warning is enough time to prepare for the shock of an earthquake? Most people have absolutely no warning that it is about to happen, and the Quake Warn app can usually give roughly sixty seconds warning when an earthquake has occurred in a selected area.

There are very definite areas of the world that are considered to be earthquake prone, and some of them often receive frighteningly strong events. The Quake Warn app allows the user to establish the distance or radius around their location under which warnings are sent with a thousand mile cutoff point. It sends a push notice even when the app is not running and can let you get ready.

They can also set the earthquake magnitudes for which they want warnings and can set the app to automatically locate the device as well. The tabs also allow the user to view various Google maps showing the locations of all quakes in the past 24 hours and even specially created maps indicating the location of the device in relation to the nearest quakes.

There are a few earthquake or natural disaster monitoring apps, and Quake Warn is one that seeks to provide people with both information and a bit of warning time before a quake actually strikes.

This app is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and even has a built-in game for experimenting with seismic activity. The cost for the Quake Warn app is $0.99 and any updates will be made available for free.

When you, or people you love, live in an earthquake prone area you will want to download this app in order to stay fully informed of any potentially dangerous activity.

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