LDS Scriptures App: A Comprehensive Collection of Texts And Tools

On August 26, 2009

App Type: iPhone

LDS Scriptures App: A Comprehensive Collection of Texts And Tools

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Are you in need of fast and instant access to the majority of Latter Day Saints scriptures? If so, you will want to add the LDS Scriptures app to your iPhone or iPod Touch device. This app provides an entrée to hundreds of titles and has the largest collection of general contents over any other scriptures app available. This is a one-stop location for a complete collection of scriptures, but it also includes a huge array of tools and features to make it even more beneficial and useful.

There is the capability of adding your own content, highlighting and adding personalized notes to any text, and the program allows the user to constantly add more titles to the original contents. A powerful search feature lets the user find terms, cross-references, and quotations almost instantly, and the view screen allows for use in both day and night time reading environments. Included in the contents are such works as the Old and New Testaments, the Book of Mormon, a Bible Dictionary, Children’s Song Book, copy of the United States Constitution and hundreds more.

While there are other collections of LDS works and scriptures for iPod Touch and iPhone users to download, none can provide a true scriptures study opportunity like this app does.

The cost for the LDS Scriptures app is $14.99, and there is a money-back guarantee for satisfaction. Any user who does not find the app to their liking can simply request an instant refund.

If you need to have a workable scriptures study tool with you throughout the day, this is the app for you.

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