Pitch Pro: A Flawless Way To Help You Tune Your Voice And Instruments

On May 31, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Pitch Pro: A Flawless Way To Help You Tune Your Voice And Instruments

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Anyone who sings or plays a musical instrument knows that there are times and moments when it would be remarkably helpful to have a simple way to get the proper tuning or pitch. The Pitch Pro app provides such a function for a wide variety of users. When using the Pitch Pro app there are three different views available.

The Chromatic view provides a playback feature of pitches from all six octaves. The user can select to hear the note for an indefinite period or for a three second interval. The Pitch Pipe view is the one designed for singers and will provide the C-C and F-F pipes taken from actual recordings.

The Guitar view is designed to help those using guitars and other string instruments to get flawless tuning. The app automatically advances down the strings to allow the player to keep their hands on the instrument instead of going back and forth to the device. This view provides standard; dropped D; DADGAD; and open D, G, or A tunings. Additionally, the preferred or most frequently used view is stored in the memory and the app re-opens to this screen each time.

There are several tuning apps, including eTuner and Circle Theory, but the Pitch Pro app is designed to be used by a wider range of people than most other options.

The cost for the app is $0.99 and any updates are made available at no additional charge. This app will function with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want a handy, easy, and super-accurate tuning device with you wherever you go, this is most certainly a good app to choose for the job.

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