iSaidWhat?!: A New Approach To Putting Words Into The Mouths Of Others

On March 8, 2010

App Type: iPhone

iSaidWhat?!: A New Approach To Putting Words Into The Mouths Of Others

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By: Tapparatus

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High-tech recording options have made their way to the mobile device with the iSaidWhat?! app. This is a highly controllable recording app that allows the user to edit, cut, rearrange, and even share the sound bites that they capture or create. Anyone using the iSaidWhat?! app will appreciate that it offers some great recording features.

For example, a student or business professional hoping to record the audio portion of a lecture or presentation will be able to do so, and use the input boost to record the speaker even at a distance. They can then listen to the presentation and cut out only those pieces they need to use or remember. Of course, this same technology can be put to work as a way of taking vocal recordings of friends’ voices too, and lots of mischief will probably ensue.

The real time audio wave display allows edits to be done with pin point accuracy, and pauses, duplications, and rearrangement of order are all single tap functions. Finally, any of the recordings can be shared to a Facebook or Twitter page, emailed as sound attachment, or saved as a reviewable recording.

There are many sound recording and mixing apps, but the iSaidWhat?! is one that is designed for accurate editorial work and ease of use.

The cost for the app is $0.99, and any updates are available entirely free of charge. This app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

When you need to make sound recordings, or if you just want to have a little bit of fun, this is an ideal app to acquire.

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