Craigsphone: A Streamlined Approach To Accessing The Popular Craig’s List

On January 18, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Craigsphone: A Streamlined Approach To Accessing The Popular Craig’s List

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By: Next Mobile

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By now most people are well aware of the many uses for the Craig’s List website, and the Craigsphone app has taken it to an entirely new level. Now mobile device users can access all of the same content available on their PC, and yet can also do a great deal more. This app features an extremely streamlined and simple to use design, with access to browse, post, featured, and account tabs.

When browsing, the user can access their nearby listings or the global listings under housing, jobs, resumes, gigs, services, community, personals, and for sale. They can also view the contents of each listing and access listed numbers with a single touch of the screen.

The featured tab uses the GPS feature of the device, or the account data, to find all listings within a pre-set radius of the individual’s location. Posting can be done through the app too, and this is particularly handy for those who want to connect while on the move. App users can even add photos to their postings from the collection on their phone.

There are many clients for real estate, jobs, personals and other online listings, but the Craigsphone app is the one way to enjoy the diversity of the popular website from any location.

There is no cost for the Craigsphone app, and any updates are available for no extra costs. This app functions with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want to enjoy access to Craig’s List while on the go, this is the ideal app to add to your mobile device today.

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