Questia Library: Access More Than Six Thousand Specific Research Subjects

On November 9, 2009

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Questia Library: Access More Than Six Thousand Specific Research Subjects

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By: Questia Media

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Are you involved in regular research? Whether you are a student, writer, scientist, or someone who needs access to many journals, books, and periodicals the Questia Library app will become a vital tool. It delivers access to more than six thousand specific research subjects and allows the user to access their account as well.

For the cost of a single electronic book file, those using the app will be able to search through more than two million listings in the site’s library. The Questia Library app is simply the mobile component to the comprehensive research website, and it provides the user with the same features as the web-based option.

Additionally, those using the app can search the full text of any file, and also find relevant and similar publications as well. They can bookmark pages and files, highlight large swaths of text, take notes, build bibliographies, and add items to their existing online bookshelf.

There are other web browsing and encyclopedic apps available, but the Questia Library app is one that delivers unprecedented access to millions of publications. A user is also able to review documents through their device and make necessary notations as well.

The Questia Library app works with iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and will be compatible with an online account. The app costs $0.99, but an annual subscription fee is necessary for those who want access to the entire library of materials.

If you need to be able to conduct effective mobile research, this is the app to download today.

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