Expense Reports: An Array Of Tools To Help You Keep Accurate Expense Records

On December 3, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Expense Reports: An Array Of Tools To Help You Keep Accurate Expense Records

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By: Nexonia

Version #: 2.0.6

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Price: 14.99

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Keeping track of expenditures is not as easy as it initially seems, and this is particularly true when on a road trip. The Expense Reports app places a great array of handy tools into the hands of the user and allows them to easily document expenses. The app also provides ways to back up and export data as well.

Let’s say you are on a business trip that will last three to four days. You are going to need to keep track of every single receipt that is related to the journey, and you will somehow have to format those receipts into a logical and acceptable expense report. If you use the Expense Reports app you will be able to manually enter total expenses, use the built-in phone on your iPod Touch or iPhone to record images of receipts.

The app provides ways of requesting reports in PDF, HTML or even spreadsheet format for submission to your company, customers, or accountant. Users can also create a comprehensive and printable report that can be exported or extracted when needed.

There are a few expense report related apps such as iReceipt and Expense, but the Expense Reports app provides a way to record actual copies of receipts and also backup and export data as well.

The cost for the Expense Reports app is $14.99 and it provides cost-free access to the Nexonia servers for backing up data securely. This app is compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you are someone who frequently travels for business and documents expenses, you should download this app right away.

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