Type Drawing: An Entirely New Way To Create Original Art Works

On September 3, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Type Drawing: An Entirely New Way To Create Original Art Works

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By: Hansol Huh

Version #: 1.2.1

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Price: 1.99

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All of the many avid doodlers of the world now have an entirely new way to create original and remarkably unique works. The Type Drawing app uses only fonts, words and letters to create drawings of any style and design on a mobile device. This app is one of the many artistic programs that allow a user to be entirely free and as creative as they would like.

It begins with the typing of a sentence, letter or phrase. The app then asks the user to determine the exact font, text size, color and opacity of the lettering. Next a background is selected from the included library, or a personalized photo can be downloaded to the app as well.

Once all of the choices have been made the user can then begin drawing their design, image, scene or portrait. All lines are formed with the type selected. Once a design is complete the app user can also save it to their photo album, email it to friends, or use it as the wallpaper for their main screen.

There are all kinds of drawing and artistic apps for those using iPhone and iPod Touch devices and this is simply another wonderful addition to a creative collection.

At only $1.99 for the full download, this app costs less than a box of crayons and a pad of drawing paper!

If you want to give a truly innovative and entirely unique drawing app a try, you will want to download Type Drawing today.

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