Brightkite: Just Landed In A New City And Your Looking To Connect With The Locals

On July 20, 2009
Brightkite: Just Landed In A New City And Your Looking To Connect With The Locals

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Imagine that you are new to a city or neighborhood and you’re hoping to meet some friends and develop some good contacts. You’d also like to find the nearest book store, coffee house, dry cleaner and wine shop. So, how do you do this? If you take a few minutes to add the Brightkite app to your cell phone, you can find businesses, activities and people within your immediate neighborhood, or even within a fixed area.

Brightkite is a mobile app that functions as a location-based social networking program. It scouts out people and activities based strictly on the physical location of the user. It also allows users to quickly and easily find out what their friends, or others in the area, are doing and also lets them post notes and photographs in real time as well. Naturally the Brightkite app provides privacy settings, but these are remarkably flexible and allow the user to establish exactly who will see their photos, “check ins”, and notes.

There are many good social networking apps in addition to Brightkite, but where this one pulls ahead of the competition is its totally integrated features that allow updates, images and networking to occur without integrating any outside accounts. Additionally, the ease of use and excellent “help” features for this app also make it a good choice for someone frequently on the go.

The Brightkite app is free of charge for all platforms, and available on Blackberry, iPhone, Palm OS and more. A web-based version of the apps is also available over the Internet as well.

If you are looking for a highly portable and comprehensive social networking app check out Brightkite today.

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