Palringo: A Great Way To Stay In Touch Across Multiple Instant Messaging Accounts

On July 27, 2009
Palringo: A Great Way To Stay In Touch Across Multiple Instant Messaging Accounts

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By: Palringo Limited

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Do you do a lot of instant messaging? Is it tough because you have friends across various services? For instance, are you using AIM and several friends prefer Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, or Google Talk? Well, the answer to your flip-flopping and collections of contacts lists has arrived. Palringo is a very popular app for those who want to streamline their communication across several instant messaging services.

Someone with the Palringo app on their mobile device would be able to condense all of their contact lists into a single user list from which they would be able to freely message all of their friends. For instance, a Palringo app user could receive messages from Facebook, iChat and AIM and respond from their single user screen. They could also opt to hit the talk button on their phone to send a voice message to their contact as well. Status updates appear to all other Palringo users when entered, and all contacts can be located through the map feature of the app as well.

There are a few other social networking apps that combine access to various sites through a dynamic buddy list, such as the fring app, but the Palringo app is one that is designed especially for instant messaging users who like the one on one rather than the social networking site features.
Palringo is available for use on all Windows OS laptops and desktops as well as those using Mac and Linux OS also. It functions with Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone devices as well.

It is an entirely free application, and users must create a Palringo account as well.

If you are ready to communicate non-stop, then get Palringo today.

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