Convertbot: Convert Units, Metrics And Key Measurements With Ease

On August 16, 2009

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Convertbot: Convert Units, Metrics And Key Measurements With Ease

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By: Tapbots

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Back in school, when you were sitting in science or math class and you needed to figure out how to convert the units of a glass of water from gallons to liters, you knew you could always rely on the conversion charts in the back of the book. You spent hours memorizing the different conversion rates only to forget most of them less than a year later.

Well who would have predicted that if you have Tapbot’s Convertbot, you would not have needed to memorize all those little formulas. With a well designed sleek interface, Convertbot allows you to effortlessly convert units in the areas of currency, data rate, data size, force, fuel, luminance, length, mass, power, pressure, radioactivity, SI, speed, temperature, time, typography, area, volume and work.

This application is perfect whether you are a cook working from a recipe book, a carpenter working with your wood and hand saw or just a friend from America conversing with your friend from Canada while discussing the temperature. The program continually self-updates the currency rates since those rates change daily.

The software uses large buttons for simple and expedient usage. There is a stylistic wheel on the front that helps you rotate between different types of units and a number input pad for placing your data. Just make sure the teachers at your child’s classroom do not allow their students to bring iPhones into class, because then there will be an unfair advantage. You will even surprise yourself with how often the functionality of Convertbot comes into play in your everyday life.

The Convertbot application is available for $0.99. After all, you never know when you may need to convert something while on the go.

So, download your copy today, and always have the conversion information you need at your fingertips.

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