GodFinger: Create Or Destroy Worlds With The Tap Of A Finger

On July 12, 2010

App Type: iPhone

GodFinger: Create Or Destroy Worlds With The Tap Of A Finger

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By: ngmoco

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Ever wanted to play God? With the GodFinger app you can do so. The app uses an extremely simple design and allows the player to build or destroy worlds, earn gold, and even invite friends on the Plus+ network to join in on the fun. The GodFinger app asks the player to create and build worlds, develop followers on the planet, and even consider how to structure a healthy economy.

This is all done through the use of natural Wonders like sun, rain, fire, flood, and lightning. All of the controls are at the tap of the finger, which means that each decision must be carefully considered. Will it benefit the world to lose a desert and gain a rainforest? Should powerful runes be used to expand the size and shape of the land?

As the player succeeds, they will unlock more powerful Wonders and become capable of incorporating buildings and new items into their worlds. They can invite friends on the Plus+ network to join their worlds, and serve as Mystics. All of the details can even be sent to the linked Facebook or Twitter accounts too.

There are many games for mobile devices, but the GodFinger app is among the more clear-cut, simple, and fun around.

The game functions with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone devices. It will work with English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish languages. There is no charge for the download of the GodFinger app, and all updates are free of charge as well.

If you are looking for a fun and easy game, which puts mighty powers in your hands, this is the ideal one to download today.

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