Deadmau5 Mix II: Create Your Very Own Music Blends With This Array Of Tools

On December 24, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Deadmau5 Mix II: Create Your Very Own Music Blends With This Array Of Tools

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By: Touch Mix

Version #: 1.1

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The success and popularity of the original Deadmau5 Mix app has led to the release of the all-new and upgraded Deadmau5 Mix II app. Users will still enjoy the opportunity for creating their own innovative music blends, but they will have a whole new array of tools with which to achieve their results.

The Deadmau5 Mix II offers up twenty tracks and a wide range of additional effects. A user can loop, tilt, apply delays, insert a flange, and add additional filters to any of the tracks with varied degrees and volumes. The app also includes ten bonus tracks taken from previous editions too. It is designed to also allow delays, rewinds, custom cuts and effects to be added with a single tap control too.

The tilt feature is added by actually tilting the device to get the desired sound. There are also live performance options that require the user to just connect their device to a compatible sound system and then begin the mixing process. All users are able to share their work through the built in Twitter Feed too.

Music making apps are extremely popular and include other options such as Touch DJ and Looptastic, but the Deadmau5 Mix II is a new generation which has evolved out of the success of earlier variants.

The cost for the app is $2.99, and updates will be made available at no additional expense. The app is compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want to enjoy remarkably complex and detailed music mixing all in a highly simplified and mobile format, then this is the ideal app for you to acquire right away.

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