Gowalla: Discover Interesting Facts About An Area And Earn Rewards

On December 15, 2009

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Gowalla: Discover Interesting Facts About An Area And Earn Rewards

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So, you love that your iPod Touch or iPhone has that handy little GPS built into it, and you are hoping to get all that you can out if it. Then you must get the Gowalla app. This is an incredible approach to discovering the greatest details about any area, and even earning rewards for doing it.

The Gowalla app creates a custom passport for the user, and with this they can check in at all previously visited locations, or they can create entirely new ones. These remain on the list of favorites, and many locations even provide bonus rewards for their frequent guests.

A user of the app can share experiences with Twitter and Facebook friends, and can have some fun leaving items behind for them to discover when they next check into the location too. The app will also allow for the creation of Top Ten lists that make it super-easy to check in with the most frequently visited spots, friends or items as well.

There are many travel and social networking apps, but Gowalla is a unique offering that encourages users to really explore their surroundings and integrates pre-existing social networks into its functions.

There is absolutely no cost for the app, and any added features will come free of charge too. If any Facebook or Twitter contacts are to be accessed the user must have pre-existing accounts with those sites. The Gowalla app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you want to enjoy a really innovative way to discover new locations in your town, or even while visiting a new region, this is the app to download right away.

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