XPilot: Dominate The World As You Battle Other Players And Robots

On September 6, 2009

App Type: iPhone

XPilot: Dominate The World As You Battle Other Players And Robots

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By: 7b5 Labs

Version #: 1.1

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Price: 1.99

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One of the very first online gaming experiences for Internet enthusiasts was XPilot and though it received a large amount of early attention it soon faded. Today, however, it has been perfected and is an ideal download for a mobile device. The game requires every sort of skill and effort including strategy, eye to hand coordination, and knowledge of physics in order for a player to win.

This game offers enhanced graphics and players must navigate successfully through the various terrains using controls for thrust, acceleration and controlled momentum. There are all kinds of touch screen tools that allow the player to collect the various items they need to give their ship more weaponry or controls, such as cloaking devices and various lasers.

It is significant to note that all of this must be done while also competing against other “live” players as well. The game allows experienced players to even steal treasures from their opponents also, and the game’s classic interaction is even more enjoyable through this app.

Although there are all kinds of multi-player games of skill and chance such as poker, Treasure Grab and many, many more, XPilot is the original version. It has not lost any of its original appeal and this app delivers the game in its very best format.

XPilot costs $1.99 to download to an iPod Touch or iPhone device, and any pre-existing glitches have been totally eliminated from the game.

When you are ready to perfect your flying skills, use your cunning and craftiness, and discover one of the most popular games of all time, you will need to download this app right away!

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