Chain Rxn Zwigglers: Everyone Can Enjoy This Addictive And Relaxing Game

On October 20, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Chain Rxn Zwigglers: Everyone Can Enjoy This Addictive And Relaxing Game

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By: Zwigglers Mobile

Version #: 1.0

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Price: 1.99

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Are you in need of a quick escape? So often people feel better after a few minutes of the proverbial down time, and the Chain Rxn Zwigglers app is quickly becoming a popular replacement for a coffee break. It is a simple and relaxing game that uses glowing spheres and gentle chimes, and allows the player to share their high score with Facebook friends.

It can present some challenges to the player, but the large number of users prove that it is far more fun than frustrating. To play Chain Rxn Zwigglers is super-easy and the gamer simply tries to capture the number of colored orbs required for the round. There are twelve rounds and each asks the player to get an increasing number of orbs in their initial attempt.

The fun is that the captured orbs are the result of the anticipated chain reaction triggered by the player’s first choice alone. Each exploded orb provides many points, and players who want to show off their scores can do so through Facebook.

While there are many fun and challenging games for iPhone and iPod Touch users, including the IQ testing Donkey, and colorful Artisan games; the Chain Rxn Zwigglers app is one that provides an entertaining experience in a remarkably simple format.

The cost of the Chain Rxn Zwigglers app is $1.99, and players can sample the experience for free at the program’s website.

If you want to enjoy some fun and colorful gaming on your device, this is an app for you to download today.

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