Pennies: Finally The Solution To Help You Take Control of What You Spend

On July 23, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Pennies: Finally The Solution To Help You Take Control of What You Spend

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By: Design By A Knife

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In today’s economy, everyone is on a budget. Interestingly enough, even with paying attention to what we spend, we often find that we are still exceeding set limits. With the Pennies app a user can literally track every penny (or British Pound, Euro and more) that they spend, and then compare this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to their actual budget.

The Pennies app takes the user only minutes to setup and from there they enter their daily expenditures as they occur. There are pre-set categories and tabs to make using the app to its fullest capabilities easy and efficient. Tabs that show each category’s expenditures for the current month, special expenses notes and receipts, and a full history of each transaction make this a powerful tool for understanding and controlling the budget. Additionally, the main screen “gas gauge” graphic gives the user a very clear representation of their financial status – the budget amount is either “empty” or “full”!

Currently, this app is available for iPhone and iPod touch platforms, and it does not have a desktop component with which it can sync. Though some may see this as a detractor, there are few other apps that can provide such a thorough review of individual expenditures. The PocketMoney app is a realistic comparison because it too allows all transactions to be recorded and assessed against the budget.

The Pennies app costs only $2.99 for the download and can really help the user to become more and more mindful about their spending habits.

When you are ready to get a good hold on your budget, give the Pennies app a try!

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