Spots: Find The Nearest WiFi Hotspots As You Travel The World

On November 28, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Spots: Find The Nearest WiFi Hotspots As You Travel The World

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By: Anna Jautkze

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Are you always looking for the nearest hotspot? With the Spots app you will be able to identify a comprehensive list of the nearby locations, even if you aren’t connected to a network or online. You can also decide whether you want to use free or fee-based options as well.

The app offers locations in a number of ways – first it allows the user to determine their settings and lets them indicate if they want information on all available hotspots or if they prefer to use only free sites or if they are willing to pay for a specific provider such as AT & T or T-Mobile.

They can then use the touch features to indicate their region, or they can opt to manually enter the name of the city in which they are looking. The app can also use any GPS features to determine the location of the user and deliver listings based on that data. The listings indicate the hotspots’ distances from the device and provide the actual street address and service provider.

There are many navigational apps and those that give real time details about many cities, but the Spots app is one that focuses specifically on wireless hotspot locations.

This app functions exclusively with iPod Touch and iPhone devices, but does not require connectivity to provide up to date search results. The cost for this app is $1.99 and all regular updates are included free of charge.

If you need to have a ready listing of all nearby hotspots, this is the app for you to download today.

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