Human Japanese: Forget About Rote Memorization And Learn To Speak Naturally

On August 24, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Human Japanese: Forget About Rote Memorization And Learn To Speak Naturally

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By: Brak Software

Version #: 2.0.4

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Have you ever taken any sort of language course? If so, you will probably shudder at the thought of the hours spent memorizing vocabulary, verbs, and grammar. The Human Japanese app is an entirely different approach to language learning and relies on a more engaging method.

The Human Japanese app uses more than five hundred pages of primary content to teach students to really understand the language. This is not something for the traveler who hopes to only learn terms connected to currency, directions, and shopping. Instead, the goal of the app is to give learners a real foundation in the language through linguistic and cultural training.

This is done through frequent comparisons to English, entertaining animations of traditional characters, and more than 1,800 recordings of vocabulary words and common phrases. The lessons always include a host of interactive content, including games and quizzes, and there is always a handy dictionary of Japanese words available embedded in the text. The student will also learn all about the Japanese characters and even how many pen strokes will be required to make them correctly.

While it is relatively easy to find a language training app, the Human Japanese app is one that is designed for true mastery of the language instead of just a few stock phrases.

This app functions with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices. The cost for the app is $0.99, and any updates are entirely free of charge.

If you want to really master the basics of the Japanese language in a way that will allow you to engage in richer conversation, this app is an ideal tool for the job.

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