iBonsai: Grow Your Own Japanese Maple, Dogwood And Pine Varieties

On September 10, 2009

App Type: iPhone

iBonsai: Grow Your Own Japanese Maple, Dogwood And Pine Varieties

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By: Brainpower Labs

Version #: 2.1.1

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Anyone who has ever seen a true example of the Japanese art of Bonsai will appreciate the patience and focus required to obtain successful results. Now mobile device users can create this same beauty using the iBonsai app. It grows beautiful three-dimensional Bonsai trees on the display screen, and all to a custom soundtrack.

The iBonsai app creates an entirely different tree with each use, including the Japanese maple, Dogwood, and pine varieties. The user can control the speed that their tree grows, manipulate any twists and curves within its branches and trunk, even set it to loop through its operations for an extended period – it is like having a Bonsai forest growing all day long. Viewing modes and soundtracks are also customizable, and a new ambient music generator creates a different tune for every tree grown.

Once a tree has reached completion, the user can shake their device and see the leaves, flowers and pine cones scatter. The app also allows snapshots of trees to be saved to the photo library for emailing, using as wallpaper or even printing. All trees can be viewed from every conceivable angle as well.

While many apps for iPod Touch and iPhone devices are intended to be useful or educational, the iBonsai app is meant for pure relaxation and enjoyment. There are other apps with similar goals, but none offering a chance for virtual gardening.

At a cost of $0.99 for the download, this app is one of the least expensive ways to create a garden.

If you are looking for a unique and relaxing way to spend some of your free time the iBonsai app is for you.

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