Mercury: Intuitive Weather Forecasts From Anywhere In The World

On November 4, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Mercury: Intuitive Weather Forecasts From Anywhere In The World

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The Mercury app uses the onboard GPS feature of a mobile device to automatically determine the area for which a forecast or weather report is required. It will then retrieve the data and display it in a number of ways. An app user can also find out sunset and sunrise times for their area, get detailed weather displays, and find out the anticipated temperatures for the coming day or hours as well.

The Mercury app uses Weatherbug’s global network to deliver a full-detailed weather forecast for any app user’s specific location. With the app the individual can found out the current and anticipated conditions, or they can opt to use the in-app browser to see the complete and detail-rich weather report for their area. The display screen will also reveal a single page with the day’s high and low temperatures, sunset and sunrise times, or even more. The app is remarkably easy to use and has only a few simple control keys that must be tapped to generate results.

There are many weather forecast apps, but the Mercury app delivers a very specific and pinpoint accurate display based on the exact position of the app user at the time the data is requested. This app has been designed to function with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

The cost for the Mercury app is $1.99 and all updates are provided free of charge.

If you want weather forecasts especially retrieved for you location, then this is the app to download today.

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