Live ATC Air Radio: Know What’s Going On At The Airport And Entertain Yourself

On July 21, 2009

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Live ATC Air Radio: Know What’s Going On At The Airport And Entertain Yourself

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By: Dave Pascoe

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It can be quite irritating to be sitting in the airport longer than what you intended to be. Flight delays tend to really put a damper on an already rushed day or leaving for a holiday. But with the Live ATC Air Radio application, you can find out more than the average person does when waiting in an airport. Or maybe you live near an airport and you simply want to know what is going on.

Whatever your reason for wanting the latest goings on at the airport, Live ATC Air Radio allows you to hear what it is pilots and air traffic controllers are saying to each other. You can pick up these transmissions near many airports around the world. If the airport is covered by Live ATC, then you can listen and you just might find out why your flight is so delayed.

There are other applications, such as PilotAim, but this is an application made specifically for pilots. Flight Tracker Lite is another application, but it tracks flights. You can use Live ATC in conjunction with other applications such as Flight Tracker Lite to expand your experience even more, but you will be fascinated how much you can learn through Live ATC Air Radio because you can hear the actual conversations between the pilots and air traffic control.

The cost to download Live ATC Air Radio is just $2.99. You can also get a list of the Live ATC airports at to see if your favorite airports are on the list. If so, you’ll be able to hear everything.

So go ahead and download Live ATC today and find out what you want to know and entertain yourself.

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