RSA SecureID Software Token: Making Life Easier For Network Administrators And Users

On December 7, 2009

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RSA SecureID Software Token: Making Life Easier For Network Administrators And Users

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Anyone working in the modern business world will more than likely be working on some sort of network. While many networks require standard security systems, there are some that need much stronger protection with some users working remotely. For anyone who frequently works in these environments it can become difficult to frequently login to secure locations, and this is where the RSA SecureID Software Token can help.

A company that is already using an RSA Authentication Manager and Software Token Seeds will be able to allow their staff and IT professionals to use their iPod Touch or iPhone devices as their software authenticators. The way it works is that a network administrator would use the Authentication Manager to generate a one-time pass code to anyone who needed to access the system, and which would then be sent to their mobile device.

This individual would then input their pre-existing PIN (personal identification number) into the app in order to gain a secure connection through the two-factor authentication. With this app, an administrator or staff member would only need their cell phone to serve as their soft token.

There are many access-oriented apps available, such as VIP Access but this is one that provides intense security while making access to a VPN incredibly easy.

The RSA SecureID Software Token app functions exclusively with iPod Touch and iPhone devices. There is no cost for the app, although the OS 3.0 or later is required for functionality.

When you need to be sure that authentication is as strong as possible, this is the app to download right away.

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