MiniBooks for FreshBooks: Manage Your Accounts With Ease When Out of The Office

On September 7, 2009

App Type: iPhone

MiniBooks for FreshBooks: Manage Your Accounts With Ease When Out of The Office

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By: Groovy Squared

Version #: 1.0.2

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If your business requires you to do everything from monitoring the time you spend working on a specific account, sending invoices, and even documenting all payments received while on the road, you will love the MiniBooks for FreshBooks app. This is an appropriately sized variation of the popular FreshBooks account.

In order to use this app a FreshBooks account must already exist, and this is usually free for those with up to three active client accounts. The mobile version of the app will always automatically sync up with the account in order to keep the user fully up to date with any relevant data. The app allows the user to manage their clients and instantly communicate with them through their device (using either email or phone contact data), it will also allow invoices to be sent, edited or updated as well.

From this same area any payments can be recorded too. Finally, a user can enjoy the benefits of the custom timers that allow them to manage multiple projects at one time, and which keep running even when the user has closed the app.

There are quite a few mobile invoicing applications available, but none that sync up with a powerful business accounting site such as the MiniBooks for FreshBooks app. It is available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and is compatible with a variety of currencies.

The cost for this app is $9.99, and it will always require an active FreshBooks account to sync and update accordingly.

If you want to easily manage clients and accounts while on the go or on the road, you will definitely want to get this app for your mobile device today.

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