Notebook: Manage Your To Do Lists And Never Forgot A Task Again

On October 17, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Notebook: Manage Your To Do Lists And Never Forgot A Task Again

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By: Appigo

Version #: 1.2.1

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How many “to do” lists do you have right now? If you are like so many other people you probably have work lists, family lists, and general everyday lists as well. With the Notebook app you can create and manage lists on your mobile device and computer too. You can also convert any task on any list into a separate action.

The Notebook app is integrated with the website known as and this allows the user to create lists through the app or on the web and then sync these items whenever the mobile device is connected to the Internet. Naturally, the app can do much more than create and manage lists.

It can also put pass codes on lists containing sensitive or private information, link URLs and phone numbers with the touch of a button, make bulleted lists, add HTML tags, search through notes using keywords, share them with the in-app email feature, and even integrate tasks with the Appigo Todo website.

This is a task management app that can take an item from a Notebook app list and convert it into an action with alerts and updates. There are personal calendar apps and time management ones as well, but the Notebook app is a bit more expansive as it allows notes to be formatted, made private, and integrated across other apps as well.

The cost for the Notebook app is $4.99 and it supports English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish languages.

If you want to stay on top of all your “to do” lists, the Notebook app is a very effective way of accomplishing it.

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