SimpleMind Xpress: Mind Mapping And Brainstorming Has Advanced To New Levels

On June 28, 2010

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SimpleMind Xpress: Mind Mapping And Brainstorming Has Advanced To New Levels

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If you haven’t used mind mapping before you will instantly recognize the power of this unique process. It is a thought structuring and brainstorming tool that makes a map out of varied ideas and thoughts, and the SimpleMind Xpress app can allow anyone to bring all of their maps with them wherever they go.

The SimpleMind Xpress app allows any user to download all of the mind maps from their SimpleMind Mind Maps website account and then alter them in any way they want through their mobile device. They can rearrange an existing map, apply visual styles that can help to make great presentations, and they can also view maps of any size. The app allows scrolling, zooming, and rotating, and there is also a dynamic cut/copy/paste feature that allows entire segments of one mind map to be added to another. The app also provides a simple way of sharing maps by converting them into JPG files in the Camera Roll, or by uploading to a SimpleMind server.

There are many note making and white board apps, but the SimpleMind Xpress app is designed to work with pre-existing mind maps for use by individuals or even businesses. The many functions and features of the app make it easy to improve and share these unique tools also.

The SimpleMind Xpress app functions strictly with iPod Touch and iPhone devices, and works with English and Dutch languages.

There is no fee for the app download, but an account at the SimpleMind website is required for functionality.

If you use mind mapping, and want to be able to access your current thoughts from any location, this is the ideal tool for the job.

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