PushGmail: One Of The Most Convenient Ways To Access Your Gmail Account

On October 20, 2009

App Type: iPhone

PushGmail: One Of The Most Convenient Ways To Access Your Gmail Account

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By: Gary Fung

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There are many push notifications for email accounts, including Gmail accounts. The thing with many is that they do not allow in-app viewing, and if they do this can often become a difficult issue. The PushGmail app, however, is designed to give users the ultimate amount of flexibility and let them choose how they view their email.

They will be notified of an email receipt in three ways, and can then choose to view them within the app or trigger the Gmail browser to open. The PushGmail app can present the user with a popup notification of an email, reveal the number of unread emails on the badge counter, and also alert them through a selected sound. The user can preset their desired action upon receiving a notification, with those hoping to save battery power often choosing to view their mail directly within the PushGmail app. Once emails are viewed the notification statistics are automatically reset.

There are other push notification systems for Gmail accounts, and even some Google clients with access to Gmail as well, but the PushGmail aims to be the most hassle-free and effective option available. It is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and requires an existing Gmail account to operate effectively. It will also work with Google Enterprise and Google Apps accounts as well.

The app costs $1.99 to download and all bug fixes are free of charge.

If you need a push notification app for your Google email account, PushGmail is the right one for you.

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