PREDATORS: Only Hard Core Mercenaries Need To Apply To This World

On September 27, 2010

App Type: iPhone

PREDATORS: Only Hard Core Mercenaries Need To Apply To This World

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By: Chillingo

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Just like this summer’s giant blockbuster movie, the PREDATORS app pulls the main characters into a world of danger as they must battle for their lives against the fierce aliens, and all on their own foreign and deadly turf. The game uses impressive graphics and tons of challenges to create incredible results.

The PREDATORS app begins with humans being delivered to the alien planet. From there they must face off against the Predators in 24 different environments. They will have to sharpen their combat skills and use all kinds of efforts to defend themselves from the hostile creatures as well as packs of humans too.

There are mercenaries, assassins, death squads, and more to defeat. With each target eliminated, the player earns a trophy, which is the head of the conquered, and unlocks some new form of alien technology to use against their remaining combatants. This might give them access to a Stealth Generator, the ability to vanish, Thermal Vision, and specialized weaponry like Smart Discs, a consistently lethal Net Gun, or sadistic wrist blades that slice or dice everything they come into contact with.

The PREDATORS app is comparable to other combat games like The Prince of Persia and Carnivores, but is a bit more challenging due to the variety of unusual combatants and settings.

This game functions with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices. The cost for the app is $2.99, and all updates are made available at no additional fees.

For those who love combat games and mobility, the PREDATORS app is an ideal option to download today.

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