Drum Kit: Practice Your Drumming Technique On This Virtual Drum Set

On August 15, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Drum Kit: Practice Your Drumming Technique On This Virtual Drum Set

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By: CrimsonJet

Version #: 2.9

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to create drum beats, but either don’t have a drum kit or you are away from yours? Well CrimsonJet has created an ideal app for making the beat of your dreams. The program displays a bird’s eye view of a traditional six piece drum set which includes a kick, snare, set of hi-hats, high, medium and low toms, crash, ride, and a china splash.

All you need to do to make a sound is simply tap the icon on the face of your device and the instrument will come to life in your hand. The instrument that you touch will glow in a yellow haze so that you know that you have hit the correct percussion. The sounds are sampled from Sabian and Zildjian cymbals.

The iPhone cannot recognize the intensity with which you tap the phone, the sounds that are released remain the same. Up to five of the instruments can be activated at one time so when you are trying to create a beat, you will hardly find yourself limited.

The creators intend to add a massive amount of features to future versions of the software including volume control and more than one type of drum kit. This software is perfect for when you are listening to one of your favorite songs and feel like tapping along. While the program is meant to be a toy and not a true musician’s application, many people have taken its capabilities and turned it into an iPhone app phenomenon.

The Drum Kit app is available for download for $1.99.

Whether you’re an avid drum lover or looking to learn the craft, download your copy of the Drum Kit application and start practicing.

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