Tipulator: Split The Bill Between Friends Without The Frustration

On September 2, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Tipulator: Split The Bill Between Friends Without The Frustration

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By: Sophiestication Software

Version #: 2.4

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Price: 1.99

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Have you ever dined out with a crowd of friends and agreed to split the bill? This often ends up with people doing math and discussing how much to leave for a tip. Usually this is something of a hassle, but with the Tipulator app the entire process can be accomplished with the simple tapping of a few buttons on a display screen.

The Tipulator is not a simple calculator dressed up to look like something else. It is a remarkably handy app that allows the user to figure the tip according to a large array of percentages, divide the check by up to fifty people (showing what each will pay for both their share of the bill and the tip), and even apply a special palindrome to determine if fraud has occurred.

The app will also allow the user to automatically round figures on both the check and the tip and will support almost all modern currencies including the dollar, sterling pound, euro and yen. The app also has a built-in localizer for areas where higher tips always apply or where set percentages are the norm.

There are quite a few tip calculators available for iPhone and iPod Touch users, but this Tipulator app is one of the few with fraud detecting tools and the capabilities of dividing total checks by up to fifty individuals.

The cost for this handy and helpful app is  $1.99, and it is available in English, French, German and Spanish languages.

If you would like to end the frustration of calculating your total restaurant bill you will want to download this app right away.

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