Net Scan: Take A Deep Comprehensive Look At Networks And Hosts

On November 5, 2009

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Net Scan: Take A Deep Comprehensive Look At Networks And Hosts

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By: Pavel Ahafonau

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Whether you are a system administrator, IT professional, or even a very rebellious hacker, you will be able to use the Net Scan app to take a deep look at hosts and networks. The app provides a huge array of tools for assessing an IP address, and will deliver results based on information obtained from WHOIS, while also looking closely at the various network and Internet protocols.

The app reveals a remarkable amount of information about any host, including its IP address, AS number, country of origin, and the presence of any firewalls. When using the Net Scan app, an individual will be able to check the status of their own networks; ensuring that any unwanted openings or responses are managed. They will also be able to determine if a specific host has any interesting services available as well.

When the app reviews any host or network it can return results about the IP network range, the reverse hostname, services that the host is running, and the MAC address and vendor. Naturally this means that someone with dishonest intentions can get vital details about a host, and is a good reason for sysadmins and IT professionals to use such a program.

There are many scanning apps, but the Net Scan app is among the most comprehensive and full-service offerings currently available. It is designed to work with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The cost for the Net Scan app is $0.99, and all upgrades, bug fixes, and additional functions will be made available free of charge.

If you need to have an easy and mobile method of reviewing networks and hosts, this is a good app to download right away.

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