Analytics App: The Best Way To Track Your Visitors On Google Analytics

On October 23, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Analytics App: The Best Way To Track Your Visitors On Google Analytics

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With more than 45 different reports and a possible one hundred rows of data, the Analytics App provides one of the best ways to review your Google Analytics information. Not only is it a much more user-friendly approach to gauging website performance, it also makes it easy to do so while waiting in line at the grocery store or as a last minute request during a meeting.

The app is also one of the few to allow multiple reports to be generated from a single request, and includes custom results as well. The Analytics App allows the app user to look at the current day, or review month’s worth of data. They can look at visitors, traffic, content, e-commerce and other indicators to see accurate reports.

The app delivers all of its data through a direct connection to the Google site, which means that a 3G, Edge or WiFi connection will be necessary to generate reports. An app user can quickly see which keywords, ads, or promotions are generating traffic, even if the site is hosted outside of Google.

While there are many Google Analytics clients or apps for mobile users, the Analytics App is one that delivers exclusive reporting not available anywhere else. This app is designed to operate with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The cost for the app is $5.99, and all updates and bug fixes are provided free of charge.

For anyone who needs to have unlimited access to their Google Analytics data, this is the ideal app to download right away.

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