The Democratic Party: The Easiest Way To Participate In Your Favorite Party

On August 16, 2010

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The Democratic Party: The Easiest Way To Participate In Your Favorite Party

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By: The Democratic Party

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If you are a member of the Democratic Party, or you are just interested in what they are doing, The Democratic Party app is a good choice for you. It features an impressive array of tools and information and it allows people to easily interact with fellow Democrats and active politicians.

The Democratic Party app is designed for ease of use, and the main page relies on a very simple format. There are tabs for News, Find an Event, Photos &Videos, Discussion Points and Call Congress. There are also buttons to Donate and program for Alerts. The News tab features access to all current headlines and even incorporates videos into the features. When the app user wants to share content they can access an email link for the feature or post to Twitter or Facebook.

The News area also features photographs and information about specific groups. The Find an Event area is a grassroots tool for activism in the party. It gives details of all activities and even allows participants to RSVP to postings. Discussion Points allow for the latest issues to be studied and assessed and is a great place to get all the facts. When an app user hits the Call Congress feature it automatically dials the appropriate member based on location.

There are informational and news apps, but The Democratic Party app is designed exclusively for those participating in this party.

There is no cost for the download of The Democratic Party app and all updates are free of charge. The app functions with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

When you want to get involved with the Democratic Party, this app will become a favorite tool.

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